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The best swimming pool for your dogs

THE ONLY DOG POOL IN THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY AND ONE OF THE LARGEST IN SPAIN. A unique, different and innovative place for your dog, where fun is guaranteed. A 1,000 m2 swimming pool with a beach entrance and a maximum depth of 70 cm. With stone waterfalls, water jets, night lighting, a bridge to a central island, water slides…. A fairytale place where they will be able to splash, run, j...

Horrible heat set to continue

AFTER the south of Alicante province suffered its hottest day of the year on Wednesday with the mercury topping 40ºC, the alerts for high temperatures continue today (Friday) and tomorrow.   Read more on Costa Blanca News or click below https://www.costa-news.com/latest-news/horrible-heat-set-to-continue/  

Summer in Xàbia

Summer in Xàbia: An 331% more population and same resources That Xàbia is in fashion is more than evident. With the passage of time, its coves, beaches, leisure areas, streets and monuments welcome a significant number of visitors. And, of course, it has several charming places and that are the attraction of the large influx of tourists who bring economy to the town. Specifically, Xàbia regi...

Drones to fine motorists

The national traffic authority (DGT) is now able to use images from drones to fine motorists who are breaking the law. The technology will be employed to protect vulnerable road users on dangerous highways. Finally the police goes green as well :) Hope it`s still not allowed on the paid roads. Full story in today’s Costa Blanca News. Thanks to Today's Costa Blanca News and you will see more...

David Ferrer (37) heeft zijn laatste tennisbal geslagen

David Ferrer heeft zijn laatste tennispartij gespeeld. De Spaanse voormalige nummer 3 van de wereld verloor in de 2e ronde van het masterstoernooi van Madrid in 2 sets van Alexander Zverev: 6-4, 6-1. De 37-jarige Spanjaard begon voor eigen publiek nog goed tegen de 15 jaar jongere Duitser. Hij pakte een 4-1-voorsprong in de 1e set maar vanaf dat moment ging de nummer 4 van de wereld beter ten...


Vorig jaar hebben 4.108 Belgen een Spaanse woning gekocht, omgerekend gemiddeld elke twee uur en acht minuten. Dat blijkt uit de jaaranalyse van Azull, Belgisch marktleider in Spaans vastgoed, op basis van officiële cijfers van de Spaanse registratiekantoren. Het Spaanse vastgoed is aantrekkelijker dan ooit voor de Belgen, op tien jaar tijd is het aantal aankopen meer dan verzevenvoudigd, van 5...

When Jávea and Málaga changed places

Globally-renowned Sorolla picture that put Costa Blanca on the map was actually painted 700 kilometres away, says esteemed professor   A FAMOUS painting by celebrated 19th-century artist Joaquín Sorolla which put Jávea, Alicante, on the map has turned out not to have been created in Jávea at all. Despite being titled Cap Martí, Jávea, the Sorolla scene is now thought to have been pai...

75 million and counting: Spain shattered its own tourism record in 2016

Spain has shattered its own tourism record for the seventh year in a row: 75.3 million foreign visitors made their way to the country in 2016. That’s 7.2 million more than in 2015, for a rise of 9.9%, according to early figures from Spain’s Energy and Tourism Ministry.   Visitors to Spain in 2016 shelled out a total of €77 billion, up 8.3% from 2015 figures, while average per capita spe...

Over 65,000 tell Jávea to cut the bull

A PETITION on Change.org calling for Jávea to ban its bous a la mar ‘festival’ has been handed to the town hall by an Alicante animal-lover. Carmen Córdoba says her campaign has ‘gone round the world’ in the last two months and ‘even people from Japan’ have signed, although the majority of its 65,645 supporters are Spanish. Thanks to the Costa Blanca News and of course to Carmen Cordoba

Living longer in Spain

LIFE expectation in Spain has increased to 90.4 years – becoming the second EU country with the highest figure. The news released by Eurostat to coincide with World Elderly People’s Day this week is based on figures gathered in 2014. It takes into account life expectation for residents above the age of 80. Thanks to the Costa Blanca News

Cigarette butt blamed for inferno

MP in Valencia, Juan Carlos Moragues (PP) says a cigarette not put out properly is believed to be the cause of the first fire which started at the viewing point in Benitatxell and sparks from this ignited the others in the chain which destroyed 879 hectares and forced the evacuation of 1,400 residents. He criticised the regional government for claiming it was the work of arsonists, saying ‘specul...

Residency in Spain: Golden Visa Scheme Comparison

Here is Lucas Fox’s guide to Europe’s most prominent golden visa schemes, comparing the requirements and benefits of these types of residency schemes across Spain, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus and Greece. We ask, what makes Spain the best option for non-EU investors?   In recent years there has been growing demand from non-EU nationals for residency in European countries in exchange for re...

John Kerry makes two-day visit to Spain US secretary of state signs agreement leading toward clean-up of nuclear accident site at Palomares

By Dave Jamieson US SECRETARY of state John Kerry has completed a two-day visit to Spain, the first since he was appointed to succeed Hilary Clinton in 2013. It marked an important step forward in plans to finally tackle cleaning up the 50-year-old radioactive contamination in Almería.   His schedule last weekend included meetings with King Felipe and prime minister Mariano Rajoy t...

Demolition victory for British homeowners Changes to Spanish property law prompts prosecution u-turn

By Emma Randle FIVE illegal houses belonging to British owners in Oria were saved from the diggers earlier this month after the public prosecution withdrew its case in light of recent changes to Spanish law on house demolitions. The properties were all constructed in 2003 and 2004 in Rambla de Oria, Almería, on non-urban land without planning permission, unbeknown to the British purchasers wh...

UK pension reform boosts Costa sales

NEW regulations allowing Britons to cash in their pension pots and use the money for whatever they like has sparked a property sales boom on the Costa Blanca. Figures released this week by the notaries' college in Valencia show that over the first six months of this year, British buyers purchased 2,080 homes - a rise of 49.4% over 2014's figure of 1,392. They are followed by Belgians at 932 for ...

Lighthouse hotel deal off

By Samantha Kett PLANS to turn Jávea's iconic lighthouse into a hotel have been abruptly shelved thanks to an about-turn by the central government. Public pressure is thought to be behind the ministry of public works' sudden change of heart - a petition on campaign site change.org netted 14,000 signatures in a matter of days, and a massive protest march with drums, whistles and banners saw o...

Jávea Port fireworks to return

FESTIVAL fireworks are back on the agenda in Jávea port despite a ban last year which forced the council to call them off. Forest fire prevention laws which came into effect in summer 2014 mean fireworks may not be let off within half a kilometre of a wooded area, which prevented Jávea from staging its usual display on the pier to mark the end of its port fiestas. Thank to Costa Blanca News &...

Airport's busiest August ever in Spain

THIS has been the best ever August for Alicante-Elche airport, which registered 1,260,839 passengers. This was 4 per cent up on the same month last year. The national airport and aviation public company (AENA) noted it was also the best month of 2015 so far. As always, the UK provided the most passengers, with a total of 533,879 Thanks to Costa Blanca News  

Spain is officially healthiest country to live in Europe

Despite its economic problems, Spain is still the healthiest place to live in Europe, and possibly the world, according to the medical journal Lancet, with an average of 70.9 years of healthy living, and a life expectancy of 81.4 years. Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/345370#ixzz3k6o1rHnI The medical journal, Lancet, states that according to the European League Table, w...

Spanish town introduces official siesta

As one of the longest heatwaves of recent years sweeps across Spain, one town has responded with a drastic measure: ordering locals to stay inside and take a siesta during the hottest hours of the day. The 1,400 inhabitants of Ador, near the eastern Mediterranean coast, are required to stay inside between 2pm and 5pm each day in silence, so they can enjoy a healthy sleep. Televisions...

Live longer in Spain Spanish healthcare system in EU's top seven

By Nuria Pérez THE SPANISH healthcare system is one of the top seven most efficient in the European Union, according to a report from the EU directorate-general for economic and financial affairs, presented on Tuesday.   It is ranked along with Belgium, Cyprus, France, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands. The report has been drawn up using the latest figures recorded by Eurostat an...

Low-cost train plan

A 'CUT-PRICE' version of the Valencia-Alicante train via a Dénia-Gandia link has been put forward by the regional government. Rather than a high-speed AVE line travelling at up to 220 kilometres per hour, the stretch between Dénia and Benidorm will remain as it is - with a few minor improvements - and a top speed of 84 kilometres per hour. Trains would run on electricity, tracks would be widened...

BBVA report predicts positive 2015

The Spanish bank BBVA has released a report on the Spanish property sector in which it forecasts that there will be a moderate recovery in 2015. The bank believes that demand for Spanish property is now at the point of inflection and prices are rapidly stabilising in what is a real turning point for the Spanish market. The report called Spain's Real Estate Flash (Flash inmobiliario de España) w...

Mortgage boom for bank SabadellCAM

WITH the news that foreign buyers are bailing out the real estate sector on the Costa Blanca, banks such as SabadellCAM have changed their marketing strategy to move away from selling the properties in their portfolio for cash in favour of tying people into mortgages. The bank's recent strategy of courting cash buyers in order to help reduce its debts and balance its books has been thrown out and...

Bad bank Sareb wants its money back

AFTER four months of trying to work out a viable solution that would see the almost-finished In Tempo skyscraper in Benidorm completed and put up for sale, the so called bad bank, Sareb, (Sociedad de Gestión de Activos Procedentes de la Reestructuración Bancaria) has opted to file for receivership against Olga Urban SL, the company that owns the property.A Sareb source said that contrary to public...

Firemen stopped at tolls

RESIDENTS who suffered the Montgó forest blaze last month were enraged this week when they discovered that toll staff would not let a fire engine through the barrier until the driver paid with his personal credit card. Response to the fire that devastated the Montgó on the night of September 11 was a catalogue of disasters, say high-ranking regional politicians in opposition Thanks to Costa ...

Why it could be now or never for Spanish property buyers

  Why it could be now or never for Spanish property buyers If you have been waiting for the optimum moment to finally go and purchase your property in Spain, there are some very interesting arguments that poin...


Although purchases and prices followed the negative trend in 2013, the data show a slowdown in the fall. Part of thisstabilization is because foreign buyers that, in the last year,  have made increasing statistics of purchas...

Now what after fire in Javea and Denia

Jávea and Dénia councils demand urgent measures to recover the area struck by the worst forest fire in the region this year. Hell rose to the surface last week and horrified expats and Spaniards watched helplessly as the Montgó burned, an inferno the height of a mountain swallowed up the Cabo de San Antonio and Las Rotas, tearing through the night sky and lapping up Jávea port. Now, urge...

Trust in the Spanish property market comes back

Spain has gone from being the black sheep in the property sector to become a “star market,” a study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) says.   The study goes on to say that shortly after Sareb started operating last summer, investors started arriving to Madrid and Barcelona. Sareb is the company responsible for managing assets transferred by the four n...

Formula One great Michael Schumacher is out of coma

Formula One Champion Michael Schumacher is no longer in a medically induced coma. According to a statement released by his manager Sabine Kehm on behalf of his family, the 45-year-old F1 champ has been released from the rehabilitation ward in the Grenoble University Hospital, in order to continue his long phase of rehabilitation. Schumacher, who’s been widely regarded as one of the greatest F1 ...

Busy summer in Costa Blanca

The tourism sector on the Costa Blanca is gearing up for a busy summer after a 'very positive' Easter.   Hotels in Alicante city achieved 80% over the May Day bank holiday. That's according to data by the Provincial Hotel Association (APHA). Councillor Marta García Romeu said the figures were “very positive” and follow on from Easter week where the city had an average hotel occup...

20 reasons to drop Everything and go to Spain

20 Reasons to Drop Everything and Go to Spain int Article         1.) The Mediterranean coast is paradise Spain's long, sandy Atlantic beaches and cozy Mediterranean coves are rightly famous throughout Europe. That most get over 300 days of sun a year doesn't hurt either. (Photo by Naxos). 2.) ...and the mountains are just around the corner. ...

This is where we live

https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUEPzsEVPBG1mXhBrMxOxpcg&v=T452sbwFPVE&noredirect=1   Thanks to Javeaamigos Guide and specially to Oli Anunnaki    

Jávea: second best world microclimate

A microclimate is a local climate of different characteristics to the zone in which it is located. The microclimate is a set of weather conditions that characterize an environment or reduced scope. It also depends on many other factors. The factors that compose it are the topography, temperature, moisture, altitud-latitud, light and vegetation cover. According to a scientific study by the 19...

Just 'In Tempo'

CONSTRUCTION company Olga Urbana is in talks with Saudi investment group Al Dhowayan over the purchase of the stalled 'In Tempo' tower project in Benidorm. Olga Urbana owes the bank €93 million, a debt which has passed to the so-called bad bank, Sareb. It is not yet known how much money the Saudi group is prepared to pay to take over the project and another building in Benidorm, but it is believ...

Traffic law reform

REFORMS to the current Ley de Tráfico y Seguridad Vial which have been approved by the cabinet are to be debated in parliament. If the reforms go through they will come into force in Spring 2014. Included in the changes to the traffic laws is an increase in the speed limit on some sections of the country's motorway network. This will see the current limit of 120kph increased to 130kph while the s...

Airport's historic high

ALICANTE airport enjoyed a record August with 1,166,676 passengers, the most it has ever recorded in this month, reported by national aviation authority AENA. The figure beats the previous high in 2011 by 1,726 people and is a 9.4% increase on last August. The airport has now seen more than a million passengers for two consecutive months, after there were 1,176,814 in July. There were also 7....

Spain thinking of changing time zones

Marathon working days; low productivity; late lunches and dinners compared to the rest of Europe; less time for personal life, rest and recreation; family-work imbalances... these longstanding aspects of Spanish life are all largely the result of Spain being in the wrong time zone, which should be Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the same as Portugal, the United Kingdom and Ireland, but which is in fact...

Chinese interest for Real Estate in Spain

Chinese real estate companies are increasing their interest for Spanish real estate market. Especially it concerns agencies, working with luxury property. According to the statistics, among over 2 million houses and apartments for sale today in Spain, Chinese realtors are looking mainly for the luxury ones. After the entry into force of a new residence permits law, Chinese millioners have an ad...

Why Now Is a Good Time to Invest In Jávea Property?

If you think that owning a place with spectacularly sunny locations and awesome beaches is the only option for multimillionaires and TV stars, you might be terribly wrong. You can fulfill your dreams of owning luxurious property with breathtaking surroundings by opting for Jávea Property. What’s more, when you choose to buy Property for sale in Jávea, you can rest assured you will get to buy your ...

Province of Alicante is the principal destination for foreign visitors

ALICANTE Province has consol​idated its place as the principal destination for foreign visitors wishing to purchase second homes. Figures released this week by the government show that over the first six months of this year the sale of properties to foreign investors rose by a massive 30% over figures for the same period in 2012. During the six month period, 6,720 homes were sold in the province,...

David Ferrer in his home town Javea

Tennis player David Ferrer, currently No. 4 in the world, attended the opening of the newly refurbished promenade in his home town of Jávea. The former Arenal promemade has now been renamed as ¨Paseo tennis player David Ferrer¨. This festive opening was also attended by the President of the Generalitat Valencia, Alberto Fabra and Vice president of the Counsell, José Ciscar.   The Alican...

Residency law gives the Spanish market a boost

Spanish property is set to become particularly attractive this summer 2013, as a new law is expected to come into force by July 2013 that will allow non-EU residents to get Spanish residency automatically if they buy a property worth €500,000 or more. An influx of investors from Asia-Pacific, China, Russia and America is likely to boost the Spanish property market, which could be good news for ...


NEW MARINA APPROVED MARBELLA - PUERTO AL THANI MARBELLA (PUERTO DE MARBELLA) The old fishing port ¨ La Bajadilla¨ will make way for the construction of a new luxury marina in Marbella. The project for this new port has just recently been approved. Marbella will thus compete with the ports of St. Tropez and Monaco. The Sheikh of Qatar, Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Thani, has already made 400 million e...

Jet2.com choses Alicante for first base outside the UK

DESPITE the ongoing controversy between the British and Spanish governments about Gibraltar, one of the country's major industries, tourism, has not been affected. This has led to British low-fare airline company Jet2.com to announce it will be opening its first international base outside of the UK in Alicante. The company, which is also a major tour operator with 10 years' experience said that ...

For most people there are good reasons to financing part of a property

For most people there are good reasons for financing at least a part of a property purchase with a mortgage. At a time like this, with Euro-zone interest rates still low by historical standards, it can make sense to use a Spanish mortgage just to take advantage of the cheap cost of borrowing. In this scenario you borrow from the bank at low real (after inflation) interest rates, and if the ...

The Granadella (Javea), voted the best beach in Spain in 2013

Antena3.com users have given this quiet Javea Alicante town of over 60,000 votes. La Cala de Maro (Nerja) was very close. Playa La Granadella (Jávea) Antena3 (Spanish TV) | Madrid | Updated 02/09/2013 at 17:52 pm After three months and several phases of a contest that has lasted all summer, and we have the best beach in Spain for this 2013. It is Granadella. Alicante Beach has prev...
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